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The rise of civil unrest in 2020 is propelling the restructuring of culture, business, and cities in our society today. As Americans watch and experience a pandemic unfold and a sharp divide across political and economic lines, the mismanagement of public safety - including domestic terrorism - has been apparent to citizens, eager for the storms to calm. How will we respond? The new up rise of movements calls for new and innovative ways to manage them. Rise of the Emergency Manager is a fresh look at how emergency management has evolved immensely, along with the role of the emergency manager today. Award-winning Brian Rand shares a long-awaited avant-garde guide to emergency management inspired from his 20 years of public service. "The role of the Emergency Manager in today's public and private emergency services is misused and clouded. Perhaps the most flexible and adaptable role within the emergency services' canon, the Emergency Manager is a master problem solver, a vital link between all emergency agencies, and the key to a community, city, or private business's successful response and recovery during times of crisis.In this book, I define the theory of 'Proxyism', and discuss techniques that enable new, or veteran emergency managers to hone their skills to combat it. Many American states, counties, cities and towns are battling the rapid growth and destructive capabilities of Proxyism, at an alarming rate. No one is exempt, and the Emergency Manager is the key to successful training, preparation, mitigation, response, recovery and innovation against this new-age terroristic threat.Rise of the Emergency Manager is a call to action for all community leaders, private sector CEO's, and elected or appointed government officials to understand and prioritize the vital role of the Emergency Manager appropriately. These master strategists are an essential force-multiplier, capable of enhancing emergency planning and response models to new state-of-the-art standards. It is time for the Emergency Manager to rise from deep within the vast emergency services arsenal, and lead the way forward.

Rise of the Emergency Manager (Paperback)

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